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Evaluation of Joint Forest Management Committees and Eco-development Committees

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    National Afforestation and Eco- Development Board (NAEB)

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    Dhanbad,Bokaro,Giridih(East & West),Ramgarh,Hazaribagh,Palkot,Koderma,Chatra,Dalma

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    Dhanbad,Bokaro,Giridih(East & West),Ramgarh,Hazaribagh,Palkot,Koderma,Chatra,Dalma

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The health of the forests also has an impact on soil and water conservation, water quality and the protection of bio-diversity. Healthy forests and sustainable management are crucial to maintain the ecological balance in the region.


The participation of local community living in and around the forest areas is an imperative need for the conservation and development of forests. The long term sustainability of a community’s forest depends on how the community maintains and protects it. A Joint Forest Management Committee is formed to develop and manage millions of hectares of degraded forestlands. The Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) is a democratic, decentralized and transparent local institution of forest and forest fringe dwelling communities that is part of the Gram Sabha fully or partially. These JFMs try to harness the strengths and energy of local rural communities for protecting and managing forests through JFM Committees and help to meet their needs for subsistence and livelihood as well as generates local environmental benefits.


The objective of the project is to improve training environment for frontline staff of the State Forest Training Institutes (SFTI) and through capacity building of frontline forestry staff, putting emphasis on Joint Forest Management (JFM), thereby strengthening human resource development for sustainable forest management.


We encourage the community to understand the need to protect the forests and providing technical support as well as training is important aspects of our forestry program. We organize training sessions and user groups to strengthen conservation efforts and to enable communities to manage their forest resources better.


We have completed the evaluation in Dhanbad, Bokaro, Giridih (East & West), Ramgarh, Hazaribagh , Palkot, Koderma, Chatra and Dalma districts of Jharkhand.